Food Retail

MJM have been working on food retail schemes since 1978 and in that time we have completed in excess of 100 new large food stores for all of the major food retailers plus several hundred extensions, mezzanines and remodels.

We have had a framework agreement with ASDA since 1997 and through this we have developed several versions of their 'model' stores. We also regularly work with many of the prominent food retail developers such as Morbaine, Trilogy, Terrace Hill and Hawkstone.

We recognise that costs are critically important in this sector. At MJM we have a culture of cost awareness and economic design and we incorporate value engineering as a matter of course throughout all of our projects. Over a 2 year period, we were able to offer one of our clients in excess of £3m of savings through our VE ideas alone.

Sainsburys, Edinburgh

Tesco, Widnes

Asda, Sheffield

Morrisons, Hermiston

Asda Bootle

Asda, Lowestoft

Asda, Enniskillen

Asda, Sportcity

Asda, Swindon

Tesco, Leicester