Our Management Team

We have a well established, highly experienced, long serving and dedicated team of engineers and technicians working under the direction of our senior managers.

Senior staff and directors have a greater hands on involvement in projects than most other larger practices and the vast experience of our key personnel means that every project benefits from hundreds of years of knowledge in everything from site preparation to remediation to superstructure design.

The philosophy of the company is to grow from within. Individual members of staff are encouraged to develop particular skills and expertise whilst working in the broader fields of civil and structural engineering. The team approach is practised in-house and encouraged on the wider project scale. The aim of MJM is always to be a vital and effective member of the project team.

Our staff training policy aims to support the company by facilitating the development of a team of professionals who are competent, efficient and focused on delivering excellent service whilst being motivated to continue their own personal development and contribute to the profession.