MJM Consulting Engineers believe that the best interests of our clients and the wider world are entirely consistent with our environmental policy, which is to reduce the demand for energy intensive materials such as concrete, steel and asphalt by means of careful and economic design and specification, which in turn gives lower building costs.

Wherever possible we prepare sites by re-cycling demolition materials and remediate contamination in situ. We also ensure that materials removed from site are kept to an absolute minimum to reduce costs and minimize the impact on increasingly scarce landfill sites.

We regularly work on projects that require a 'very good' BREEAM rating or better. Two such recent projects include a new food store in Sheffield, which is featured as a case study on the BRE website and Asda's flagship low carbon store in Bootle.

We now routinely use SUDS techniques in our drainage design to minimise the need for offsite infrastructure and help replenish ground water levels and where site layouts permit, generate direct ecological improvements with ponds and swales.

We believe that we are currently living beyond our planet's sustainable limit and if we do not individually and collectively tackle this, the consequences of global warming, rising sea levels and resource depletion will force us to change. A genuine contribution to sustainability is our only option.